What is Prompt Engineering? 5 Ways to Unlock the Potential of Large Language Models

By Sean Robinson, MS / Director of Data Science

June 15, 2023


Reading Time: 5 minutes

Prompt engineering has emerged as a crucial technique in the realm of AI, enabling us to fully unleash the potential of Large Language Models (LLMs). In this blog post, we will explain and explore the significance of prompt engineering in AI. We will discuss various techniques such as using delimiters, specifying output formats, checking conditions, employing few-shot prompting, and specifying task completion steps. Additionally, to follow up on our previous post on LLMs, we will explore the applications of LLM prompt engineering in summarization, inference, transformations, and ChatBot development.

What is prompt engineering?

What is prompt engineering? It is the process of designing and developing prompts for AI language models (for example using OpenAI‘s ChatPGT service). The goal is to create prompts that will produce high-quality, relevant, and coherent responses from the AI. This involves carefully considering the structure and wording of the prompt, as well as the specific data and context that the model has been trained on. Effective prompt engineering can help AI models better understand user input and generate more accurate and helpful responses. By providing precise and structured instructions, prompt engineering enables us to guide these models in generating accurate and contextually appropriate outputs.

Use Delimiters to Avoid Prompt Injection

Delimiters play a vital role in prompt engineering by ensuring that the instructions provided are interpreted correctly and not mistaken for part of the generated content. By enclosing prompts within distinct markers such as “Prompt:” or “User Input:”, we create a clear separation between the instructions and the model’s response. This practice prevents prompt injection and maintains the integrity of the desired output. Delimiters are an essential aspect of prompt engineering that aids in effective communication with LLMs.

What is prompt engineering?
Ask for an Output Format

To further enhance the quality and usability of the generated results, it is beneficial to request a specific output format. By clearly defining the desired format, such as bullet points or lists, we guide the model to structure the output accordingly. This approach improves content consumption and comprehension, making it easier for users to understand and utilize the generated content. Prompt engineering empowers us to obtain outputs in the desired format, ensuring the information is presented effectively.

Ask for output format in LLM prompts
Ask the Model to Check if Conditions are Satisfied

Prompt engineering allows us to incorporate condition checks within the instructions provided to LLMs. By explicitly instructing the model to verify if specific conditions are satisfied, we can ensure that the generated outputs align with our requirements. For example, when generating recommendations, we can prompt the model to consider user preferences or constraints, tailoring the response accordingly. This aspect of prompt engineering adds an extra layer of control and accuracy to the generated content, ensuring its relevance and usefulness.

Ask model to check if conditions are satisfied in LLM prompts
Use Few-Shot Prompting

Few-shot prompting is a powerful technique that enhances the adaptability and generalization capabilities of LLMs. Instead of relying solely on extensive pre-training, few-shot prompting enables us to fine-tune the model with a limited number of relevant examples specific to the desired task. This approach enables the model to learn from a smaller set of data and extrapolate patterns to generate coherent responses. Few-shot prompting is a valuable tool in the prompt engineer’s arsenal, harnessing the potential of LLMs with minimal training data.

Few-shot prompting example
Specify Steps to Complete a Task

For complex tasks, specifying the steps required to complete the task can significantly improve the performance of LLMs. By providing clear and structured instructions, we guide the model to follow a logical flow, ensuring that the task is completed accurately. This step-wise approach facilitates error identification and correction during the generation process. Prompt engineering empowers us to provide the necessary guidance for LLMs to accomplish complex tasks successfully.

Specify Steps to Complete a Task in prompting LLMs
Applications of LLM Prompt Engineering

Below are a handful of examples representing some of the most common use cases for prompt engineering.


LLMs excel in generating accurate and concise summaries, and prompt engineering plays a crucial role in achieving this. By providing a clear prompt that instructs the model to condense information while retaining key details, we can obtain high-quality summaries across various domains such as news articles, research papers, or product descriptions. Prompt engineering enhances the summarization capabilities of LLMs, enabling them to produce more coherent and informative summaries.


Inference tasks require LLMs to reason and draw logical conclusions based on provided information. Prompt engineering allows us to guide LLMs in providing insightful and contextually appropriate answers. By structuring prompts that steer the model towards logical deductions, we can leverage LLMs for accurate inference in various domains. Prompt engineering empowers LLMs to make informed and reasoned responses, facilitating effective decision-making.


LLMs can be used for various text transformations, including translation, paraphrasing, or rephrasing. Prompt engineering allows us to specify the desired transformation and guide the model to generate content that meets our specific requirements. This technique proves valuable in scenarios where human intervention may not be feasible or efficient. LLM prompt engineering empowers the model to perform transformations effectively, providing a useful tool for text manipulation.

ChatBot Development

Prompt engineering forms the backbone of ChatBot development powered by LLMs. By structuring user prompts and incorporating system-specific instructions, we can create conversational agents that generate relevant and coherent responses. LLM-based ChatBots can simulate human-like conversations, providing personalized interactions and automating customer support systems. Prompt engineering in LLMs drives the conversational capabilities of ChatBots, enabling them to deliver meaningful and contextually appropriate responses.


Prompt engineering plays a vital role in working with Large Language Models (LLMs). By using delimiters, specifying output formats, incorporating condition checks, employing few-shot prompting, and specifying task completion steps, we unlock the full potential of LLMs. Furthermore, we explored some examples of the diverse use cases for LLM prompt engineering in summarization, inference, transformations, and ChatBot development.

The art of prompt engineering, including AI prompt engineering, in LLMs empowers us to generate accurate, contextually appropriate, and meaningful outputs, revolutionizing the way we interact with AI systems. As the field of AI continues to evolve, prompt engineering will remain a fundamental skill for prompt engineers, enabling us to extract the true potential of LLMs and shape the future of AI prompt engineering.

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