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domo pricing

The easiest and fastest way to obtain Domo pricing is schedule a call with us at Graphable for a software quote.

What is Domo pricing?

Domo pricing has two main elements, the cost of the annual software subscription and the cost to implement it in your organization.

How does Domo price its software?

As with all software and particularly rich enterprise software, the SaaS subscription pricing does vary based on context, but there are a clear and transparent set of criteria that drive your Domo pricing looking at these questions in terms of what you need now, and what you will need in the future:

  1. How many users do you need
  2. How many connectors do you need?
  3. How much data will you use annually?
  4. Do you want a multi-year agreement?
  5. What support package do you need?
  6. There are a handful of add-ons as needed (Dev instance, External/Embedded Analytics, Data Science etc).

Graphable can help you work through all these questions based on our deep experience working with hundreds of organizations over the years. Contact us to schedule a call.

What are typical $$ price-ranges for this type of software?

Specific Domo pricing is not generally available, but compared to equivalent solutions it is considered to have an average cost which is good, because the overall value it drives by unusually high rates of adoption is so much higher.

Most small/medium businesses wanting a full-featured analytics/BI offering like Domo can expect to pay anywhere from \$30k to \$75k or more, depending on the scale of usage. Enterprise-level organizations are typically higher due to larger data volumes, users, data integrations, etc. and will often start in the $50-75k+ range.

Is there a free version of Domo?

Although there is not a free version of Domo, there is an option for a free trial. Contact us at Graphable to provision a trial account to test drive Domo.

Domo Project Services Pricing

Check out our Domo Consulting page for more details on how we help drive value for customers, provide transparent Domo implementation pricing, testimonials, and other resources.

The consulting service part of an implementation includes documenting requirements gathering across stakeholders, any design / architecture required, any ETL required, delivery of all content including KPIs, reports, dashboards, data science and more, as well as any Domo training as needed.

Other elements of an implementation could include custom Domo connectors and /or custom Domo apps which have additional requirements gathering , architecture and deployment steps included in a services engagement.

Schedule a call with us to find out more. We look forward so speaking with you!

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