Our Service

Neo4j Consulting


As expert Neo4j consultants, we can support you in any part of your project lifecycle, but we specialize in leading through the entire process.

Our Neo4j solutions:

  • Neo4j Architecture
  • Neo4j schema design and management
  • Neo4j Implementation
  • Neo4j AppDev and replatforming
  • Neo4j Analytics
    • Neo4j Analytics
    • Hume Analytics
    • Domo Analytics
  • Data Science with Neo4j (ML / NLP)
    • Neo4j Data Science Library
    • Hume 
    • Independent Graph Data Science Development
  • Neo4j Visualization
    • Hume
    • Linkurious
    • Bloom
  • Neo4j Knowledge Graphs
    • Structured data KGs with Neo4j
    • Structured & Unstructured data KGs with Hume
  • Neo4j Governance
  • Neo4j Connectors
  • Neo4j ETL
  • Neo4j Best Practices
  • Neo4j Training
  • Neo4j Reseller
    • Graphable resells both Neo4j on-prem or hosted, as well as the Neo4j Aura SaaS/cloud offering.
I have had the pleasure to work with the Graphable team in a variety of contexts over the years. They have proved time and again to be thought-leading experts in Neo4j, Hume and related data science/nlp, as well as graph database/knowledge graphs concepts. They deliver with excellence, on time and are a true trusted advisor.

Ashley Dunfield

CEO of SmartGrid
Graphable has assembled a truly unique team of thought leaders and experts with a 'unicorn' combination of Graph & related Data Science skillsets, at a time when demand is exploding. And with the release of their partner GraphAware's Hume Platform, our collective partnership has deepened to even replace IBM Watson with the Hume leading edge software.

Vince Bridgeman

Vice President Redhorse