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neo4j pricing

The easiest and fastest way to obtain Neo4j pricing is schedule a call with us at Graphable for a software quote.

What are the elements of Neo4j pricing?

Neo4j pricing has two main elements, the cost of the annual software subscription and the cost to implement it in your organization.

How is Neo4j software priced?

As with all software and particularly rich enterprise software, the Neo4j software subscription pricing does vary based on context, but there are a clear and transparent set of criteria that drive your Neo4j pricing looking at these questions in terms of what you need now, and what you will need in the future:

  1. Which version of Neo4j do you need?
    • Are you and Educator or a Startup?
    • Do you want it on cloud or on-premise?
  2. What is the size data you have?
  3. What is the scalability & performance you need?
  4. How many users do you need?
  5. Do you want a multi-year agreement?
  6. What support package do you need?

Graphable can help you work through all these questions based on our deep experience working with hundreds of organizations over the years. Contact us to schedule a call.

How expensive is Neo4j?

As always, it depends on what you are doing. In certain cases it could be free (see below), or it could be on the cloud for SaaS-based pay as you go in the low $100's or for a Fortune 500 with a huge project, massive data, significant scalability and availability requirements it could be hundreds of thousands ($100,000+) of dollars or more.

Is there a free version of Neo4j?

Neo4j offers 30-day trial versions of their enterprise software. Contact us at Graphable to provision a trial account to test drive it. They also offer an open-source version called Community Edition (CE) that is well-suited for learning and only very small projects that do not require much scale, availability or any services or support.

Neo4j Desktop is available as a free download and includes a free Enterprise Edition (EE) Developer license which has one limitation- that it can only be used on a single machine. Contact Graphable to help you understand if this is the best option for you. Neo4j EE comes bundled with the Java JDK v11(and 8) and also has latest version of Bloom, Browser.

Is Neo4j Aura free?

Now with Aura, there is another free option, but similar to CE and Desktop, it has many limitations, namely it is for personal use and/or very small projects that do not require much scale, availability or any services or support.

Is Neo4j sandbox free?

Neo4j Sandbox is free and is a perfect to try out Neo4j without any downloads or local installs. It offers you a private instance and sample content so you can get up and running, trying queries and working on a Neo4j graph database in minutes. It includes a Neo4j database, Neo4j Bloom, as well as various plugins (e.g. Neo4j Graph Data Science etc). Each sample project contains a different dataset and guided experience to get your feet wet in minutes. Contact Graphable for more information and to get started.

Is Neo4j browser free?

The Neo4j browser comes along with all Neo4j licenses, so while it is not free, it is included.

Neo4j Project Services Pricing

Check out our Neo4j Consulting page for more details on how we help drive value for customers, provide transparent pricing, testimonials, and other resources.

The consulting service part of an implementation includes documenting requirements gathering across stakeholders, any design / architecture required to graph AppDev, any ETL required, delivery of all content including Knowledge Graphs and any supporting graphs, any ML/ data science and more, as well as any Neo4j training as needed.

Other elements of an implementation could include a significant focus on semi-structured and unstructured data using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and advanced data science techniques to create semantic graphs to unlock the significant trapped value of this massive source of data across organizations. Contact us to schedule a call  to find out more.

Still learning? Click to learn more about Neo4j Graph Database.


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