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Unlock the full potential of your data with our outsourced analytics team service, designed to deliver actionable insights with minimal overhead.

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Over 300 clients making better data-driven decisions.

Domo Customer - Rakuten Marketing
Domo Customer - Rakuten Marketing
Domo Customer - Rakuten Marketing
Domo Customer - Rakuten Marketing
Domo Customer - Rakuten Marketing
Domo Customer - Rakuten Marketing
Domo Customer - Rakuten Marketing
Domo Customer - Rakuten Marketing
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  • Walmart
  • Cisco
  • Citibank
  • HP
  • The National Geographic Society
  • Verizon
  • US Army
  • Vanguard
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Airbus
  • Orange
  • AT&T
  • Caterpillar
  • Volvo Cars
  • Comcast

Get Help With Neo4j

Need help with your Neo4j project? As experts in Neo4j graph DB, we can support you in any part of your project lifecycle, but we specialize in leading through the entire process. Contact us today to learn more about our Neo4j consulting serivces.

Any of these BI issues sound familiar?

Low value from BI initiatives

SOLUTION: We ensure that KPIs justify the costs of BI efforts—from platform expenses to data management—by aligning all resources towards optimizing BI for demonstrable ROI.

Missing needed skillsets

SOLUTION: Leverage our super-specialized analytics team members at strategic phases of your data journey to ensure you have the ideal setup and processes suited for your business needs.

High data & tech costs

SOLUTION: We ensure organizations optimize their data architecture and governance to enhance BI efforts, minimize costs, and maximize ROI without unnecessary data duplication.

Disconnected BI efforts

SOLUTION: We promote a holistic approach to BI that integrates architecture, governance, and dataset design across the organization, preventing the siloing within specific departments.

Turnover of Analytics team

SOLUTION: We build your analytics platform and processes so they don't rely on one individual to keep it operating and growing.

BI missing true business needs

SOLUTION: Our analytics consultants know how to translate business goals into the most important KPIs so executives have the data they need to make the best possible decisions.

Get the Comprehensive Analytics Support You Need at a Fraction of the Cost of Full Time Employees

Our Analytics Team as a Service simplifies your data journey from initial strategy and platform implementation to ongoing optimization and reporting, ensuring a seamless and effective analytics process.

Analytics Strategy Audit

Evaluate and refine your analytics framework, ensuring your data strategies align perfectly with your business objectives.

BI platform implementation

Seamlessly implement the ideal BI platform tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring robust data handling and insights generation.

BI platform optimization

Continuously refine and enhance your BI platform to adapt to evolving data needs and insights, ensuring peak performance and relevance.

Data Governance

Establish and maintain robust data governance practices to ensure data quality, compliance, and security across your organization.

Analytics QBR

Regularly assess and align your analytics objectives with business goals through our comprehensive quarterly business reviews (QBRs).

Who can benefit from an outsourced Analytics solution?

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)


Companies Undergoing Digital Transformation

Organizations with High Employee Turnover in Data Roles

Industries with Complex Data Needs

Companies Seeking to Optimize Existing BI Tools

Businesses Needing Holistic Data Integration

Companies Facing Rapid Scaling Challenges


A few client stories.

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data analytics testimonial redhorse

"Graphable has assembled a truly unique team of thought leaders and experts with a 'unicorn' combination of Graph & related Data Science skillsets, at a time when demand is exploding. And with the release of their partner GraphAware's Hume Platform, our collective partnership has deepened to even replace IBM Watson with the Hume leading edge software."

Vince Bridgeman

Vince Bridgeman
Vice President

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data analytics consulting servcices testimonial vianet
"Graphable completely rewrote our core platform for us in 2 months and it is working really well, compared to the original product from another vendor which took over a year and never really worked. We are super happy with the speed and quality of the rewrite. It was a seamless transition to set us up for future growth, which the old system couldn’t handle."
Jeff Steinport

Jeff Steinport

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limbik graphable data analytics testimonial

"It has been a pleasure working with the Graphable team around the cutting-edge GraphAware Hume platform. They are true experts in the field of data science on graphs, and with the explosion of the knowledge graph at the core of modern applications, having Grahable as a partner has been invaluable."


Zach Schwitzky

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mathaul data analytics testimonial
"We could not have brought the value to our customers that we’ve already witnessed without our close partnership with Graphable. The team’s expertise and collaborative spirit are second to none."

Thomas Burlington

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breadcrumbs logo

"Graphable really brought unique, deep expertise to the engagement, working with our team to assess, architect and deliver a scalable model, also delivering helpful knowledge transfer for the future."


Lorne Lantz

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scene logo png

"Working with Graphable on our Domo implementation has been a true pleasure. They are deep experts in the technology itself, but they always keep their eye on the business value that it should be driving for us. They are a true partner and trusted advisor, delivering effectively, on time, every time."

Emocha CEO - Sebastian Seiguer

Sebastian Seiguer

smartgrid logo
"I have had the pleasure to work with the Graphable team in a variety of contexts over the years. They have proved time and again to be thought-leading experts in Neo4j, Hume and related data science/nlp, as well as graph database/knowledge graphs concepts. They deliver with excellence, on time and are a true trusted advisor."
Ashley Dunfield

Ashley Dunfield