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Optimizing Domo’s Consumption Model: A Strategic Guide

Domo’s consumption model demands a keen strategic mind to manage effectively. With access to all Domo features, you can test

Organizational Analytics – Now is the Time to Recommit

Are you ready to transform your business with data-driven insights? Organizational analytics isn’t just a trend—it’s a game-changer. According to Gartner,

Domo Consumption Model: Unlock the Full Potential of Domo with Usage-Based Pricing

If you are an existing Domo customer, you likely have heard the term “Consumption Model” from your Domo sales rep.

Uncovering Financial Crime: Going Beyond Rule-Based Approaches with a Connected Perspective

Money laundering, the process of disguising the origins of illicit funds, poses a significant challenge in the financial sector worldwide

5 Key Drivers for CFO’s in Modern Accounting Analytics

One of the best things about accounting analytics today is the sheer number of options available for storing, transferring, cleaning

What is Prompt Engineering? 5 Ways to Unlock the Potential of Large Language Models

Prompt engineering has emerged as a crucial technique in the realm of AI, enabling us to fully unleash the potential

What is Chain of Thought Prompting? How to Get Better Results from Your LLM Prompts

In this article, we explore the concept of Chain of Thought Prompting for Large Language Models (LLMs), a technique that

Patient Journey Mapping with Graph Databases for Powerful Clinical Insights

The goal of patient journey mapping is to improve the patient experience, optimize clinical operations, and eliminate patient care gaps,

AI in Drug Discovery – Harnessing the Power of LLMs

The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) in drug discovery is quickly becoming a practical reality, particularly with the advent of

Translate Visual Networks into Graphs: Unveiling the Power of AI in Deciphering Complex Diagrams

Frequently, we look back at previous work and consider how the meteoric pace and capabilities of GenAI could be leveraged

Financial Analytics: 5 Targeted Advantages for CFOs & Finance Teams

Financial Analytics is a specific class of business intelligence that empowers CFOs and finance professionals with the tools to gain

Databricks SQL Warehouse: Unlock the Power of 4 Proven Strategies

With the ever-increasing growth of data, it has become imperative for businesses to efficiently explore and analyze their datasets. Databricks