Powerful Domo Dashboards – 3 Steps (with Visual Examples)

By Kyle McNamara / CEO

October 14, 2021


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Whether it be Domo or other Business Intelligence (BI) / analytics platforms, the role of dashboards in any data analytics strategy is critical as it tends to be the principal context in which key people across organizations consume their data for decision-making. If you are newer to dashboarding in general, read that linked article first.

Domo Dashboards Overview

Domo has always taken the approach that the dashboards must be usable and always visually coherent to drive and maximize adoption. This is in stark contrast to most BI tools. Until recently, and apart from Domo, most other tools offered so-called “pixel-perfect” design and/or configuration that put design into the hands of technologists far too frequently, more often than not driving inconsistent usability and displeasing designs that one could reasonably expect from those not trained in user interface (UI) design.

Domo pursued a first-mover strategy that offered an alternative, acknowledging in the architecture of the Domo platform the reality that rarely are there graphic designers available or involved when organizations are pursuing data analytics.

Domo radically speeds up time-to-value starting from data ingestion (using Domo data processing transformation tools) to putting data analytics in the hands of decision-makers, by creating a simpler approach with elegant designs and more than enough configurable options, but one that also guarantees that anything produced with Domo analytics will always be visually coherent, appealing, and usable- removing inferior dashboard user interfaces as one of the most common barriers to adoption.

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Does Domo Have Any Limitations?

By taking the focus off of having to create an exact “pixel-perfect” look, and instead putting the focus on consuming analytics in a reliably understandable and usable UI context- with an attractive, consistent and coherent user experience- it massively impacts user adoption levels and the value and ROI organizations can receive from their investment.

And while it’s likely some Domo competitors may try to argue that this is a limitation, the reality is those same analytics companies intuitively know this is the future after decades of abysmal BI adoption according to Gartner (e.g. one significant example is QlikTech released QlikSense to try to catch up with the Domo BI tool, using the same UI approach).

This change in approach that Domo has pioneered is of significant value for clients since the massive spend on BI/analytics over the years is not justified based on the level of frustration and lack of adoption most have experienced. User adoption, and especially CXO adoption, should become the ultimate measure of success, and that is driven by things like usability, quick performance, and reliability of the data- all characteristics that set Domo apart and some of the many Domo benefits.

Domo Dashboard Examples

Probably the easiest way to show the power of the Domo platform and the Domo visualization is to show a handful of examples of Domo dashboard screenshots. This first one is a classic, clean example, measuring social media success:

Domo dashboards
Source: Domo App store

But there is always space to expand dashboard use cases with the Domo App capability which in a more governed way enables even the most specific of uses cases, as shown in this Sales Leaderboard domo dashboard screenshot:

Sample domo dashboard via domo apps
Source: Domo App store

For additional examples of the power of dashboards with the Domo app capability, here is a video detailing a finance dashboard example for profit and loss analysis. It shows the interaction possible between highly formatted financial reports with classic BI content:

Source: Domo App store
Building Powerful Domo Analytics in 3 Steps

Domo’s elegantly simple approach follows it’s (1) connect, (2) transform and (3) visualize methodology. The video below walks through how much easier Domo makes this process to build a dashboard, including a peek at Domo data analytics:

Source: Domo | Video length 4:02 (skip intro by going to :22 seconds).

This video shows in more detail the power of the ETL/ transform capabilities that are part of the Domo platform. This is just one of the various ways to accomplish the “transform” step mentioned above, but its ease-of-use also illustrates how Domo has worked purposefully to lower the barriers to entry for all users, across all aspects of the process and platform:

Embed Dashboards with Domo Everywhere

Each year it seems like Embedded Analytics is becoming more and more compelling for businesses, so it is worth mentioning Domo Everywhere which is the Domo embedded analytics solution, a.k.a. Domo embed. This is a set of easy-to-use capabilities for re-using and leveraging analytics content in any context.


Though it is beyond the scope of this article, the power of Domo is much more than just highly adopted elegant and powerful dashboards and Domo visualization, the Domo platform is also a massively scalable, unusually fast/performant, cloud-based, unified platform that includes all the capabilities required to derive above-average value from an organization’s analytics/BI investment.

It includes everything from connecting to data (e.g. over 1,000 connectors) to transforming data (uniquely powerful and easy-to-use ETL / domo data processing transformation tools), to assembling visualizations and dashboards for business user analysis (including advanced Domo data science capabilities). On top of that, there is powerful in-context social collaboration as well as flexible threshold alerting and the best mobile analytics experience in the industry. This is so much more than simply a Domo BI tool.

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We are known for operating ethically, communicating well, and delivering on-time. With hundreds of successful projects across most industries, we thrive in the most challenging data integration and data science contexts, driving analytics success.
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