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Neo4j Nodes Conference 2022

Nov. 16–17, 2022

Neoj4 Nodes conference is a must-attend virtual event for developers and data scientists to round out 2022. Beginners and experts alike will benefit from various sessions, lightning talks and live Q&As. Plus, you’ll get an advanced look at the upcoming release of Neo4j 5, Aura, User Tools, Drivers and more.

Neo4j Nodes Conference Topics

You’ll get two full days of learning and collaboration with inspiring speakers, data scientists and developers from around the world. Each session features beginner, intermediate and advanced breakouts that will cover a variety of topics, including:

Featured Speaker

Graphable's David Hughes | Graph Practice Director

David Hughs

Principal graph consultant

Talk title: Rapid App Prototyping Using Streamlit and Neo4j

David Hughes has 10 years of experience designing and building graph solutions to surface novel insights that would remain dormant in other data structures. His background includes software development, cloud architecture, medical research, and clinical practice.

David has worked in healthcare and biotech within the intensive care, interventional radiology, oncology, cardiology, and proteomics domains. When he’s not helping our clients uncover data epiphanies from complex data, he enjoys endurance running, hiking, and spending time with his family outdoors.

Samuel Chalvet

Samuel Chalvet

Graphable senior consultant

Talk title: Easy Neo4j GraphQL Serverless Deployment with SST

Samuel Chalvet is a senior consultant at Graphable. He has a bachelor’s in computer science and experience in software and mobile app development. Sam loves data science, infrastructure as code, cloud computing and all that goes with it. He delights in problem solving and surmounting challenges. Sam is a native speaker of both French and English. He loves to read, play strategy games, cook and discover other cultures.

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