• Kyle McNamara

Online Lunch & Learn: Exploring the World of Beer with Graphs

Real-Time Recommendations: Exploring the World of Beer with Graphs

May 5, 2021 | 11:30 am ET

Online Lunch & Learn: Exploring the World of Beer with Graphs

In an increasingly competitive world, the quality of your recommendations is crucial for business success. Using smart, personalized and real-time recommendation engines improves your ability to make better decisions and increase revenue.

Join us to learn how Graph technology supercharges your recommendations and similarity engine by leveraging the high-dimensional nature of typical data sets. Discover how graphs can help you manage not just mountains of data (customers, products, services, prices, etc.) but also the relationship between them.

Grab your favorite drink as we explore the power of graphs! We'll feature a demo using a real set of sparse and high-dimensional data to make great beer recommendations based on user reviews. Find out how graph technology helps you:

  • Power more accurate recommendations in real-time

  • Correlate product, customer, inventory, supplier and social data

  • Instantly capture new interests from customer visits

  • Drive recommendations based on user history and profile

By the end of the demo, you will understand how to leverage your datasets for relevant, accurate, and timely analysis.

Receive a $25 GrubHub gift card towards the lunch of your choice for attending.

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