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Graph-Centered AppDev Series, Episode 1 [REPLAY] What's wrong with your application?

Updated: Apr 9

(hint: it's missing graph at the core) ... Join, the world's leading Graph Database, Graph Data Science and Knowledge Graph consultancy, for this video series, episode 1 replay:

Click here to watch the replay your peers along with Graphable's Director of Data Science Dr. Lee Hong and VP of Strategy & Innovation Will Evans for a 45-minute online video series, episode 1 replay:

Episode 1 synopsis:

Running a successful business in today's digital world requires applications that meet the unique needs of this modern context. Yet, most applications end up being slow and inflexible, expensive and difficult to improve and evolve. Now more than ever, having applications that can connect and move data flexibly and seamlessly is a critical requirement. In this webinar series, we will walk you through the steps that can transform how you design, build, and run your applications, leveraging GraphDBs as a core building block.

Graphable delivers insightful graph database (e.g. Neo4j) / machine learning (ml) / natural language processing (nlp) projects as well as graph and traditional analytics with measurable impact. We are known for operating ethically, communicating well, and delivering on-time. With hundreds of successful projects across most industries, we thrive in the most challenging data integration and data science contexts, driving analytics success.

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