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Graph Data Science Conference 2022

GraphConnect 2022

June 6-8, 2022
Austin, TX

Build the future of data insights at GraphConnect 2022. This graph data science conference is a must-attend event for data scientists, analysts, and graph innovators looking to grow their skills. As an official sponsor of GraphConnect, we invite you to enjoy thought-provoking sessions, meaningful conversations, a Neo4j-themed escape room, and more with other industry-savvy attendees and speakers.

Graph Data Science Conference Topics

Whether you’re a graph data science practitioner or a leader seeking big ideas to transform your business, you’ll find lightning sessions and in-depth workshops on topics such as:

  • Blockchain ETL and Neo4j
  • Building digital twins
  • Data ecosystems and workflows
  • Graph analytics and cloud security
  • Graph drawing and modeling
  • Improving AI with graph technology
  • Java applications on Neo4j
  • Knowledge graphs and risk analysis
  • Network analytics and KYC
  • Ontologies in Neo4j

Featured Speaker


Sean Robinson

Lead Data Scientist

Sean Robinson is a versatile data scientist with several years of experience optimizing data processes and building intelligent data systems. Specifically, he specializes in using graph data science and Neo4j to abstract complex systems within a domain into highly dimensional, interconnected knowledge graphs. Sean currently serves as lead data scientist at Graphable. He also teaches new network science courses at University of North Carolina for Charlotte’s data science graduate program.

Topic: Integrated Graph Machine Learning with GDS 2.0 and Python

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