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At Graphable, we hire really great people who are driven to pursue excellence and wired to delight customers. Our team welcomes newcomers, values diverse backgrounds and perspectives, respects each other, and has fun while building our fast-growing company together. If this sounds like the place for you, check out our openings below and apply today!
What is it like to work at Graphable?

We are relentlessly pursuing the goal of creating vibrant, healthy and rewarding culture here at Graphable, all in the context of a 100% remote work environment. Because we don’t have the chance to interact around a traditional office, we work hard to create opportunities to grow our relationships and cohesiveness as a team through various means, including regular virtual “pubs” where we all get together at the end of a workday and shoot the breeze over a beer or your beverage of choice, as well as other forums such as our annual in-person team get-togethers.

To guide the unusually fast growth of our company, we are all committed to our well-documented and regularly shared purpose statement which is:

Delight our clients through unusual excellence.

Job summary

Graphable is hiring a Graph Engineer, a role key to developing graph solutions for clients and pivotal in surfacing graph insights.

The ideal candidate will have a strong foundation in graph and data engineering, experience with ETL processes, and a deep understanding of graph database technologies.

This role is responsible for capturing requirements from our clients, modeling their data, designing queries that surface key insights, and ensuring the smooth deployment, efficient operation, and continuous improvement of our graph databases and associated microservices.


Primary Duties 

The primary duties of a Graph Engineer are centered around the effective management of graph projects, working with clients to implement queries on top of models that represent their use cases, and optimization of graph database systems and their integration with various microservices and engineering processes. We seek someone who is passionate about solving technical problems and ensuring delivery of robust solutions. 

The ideal candidate will be familiar with: 

  • Data Modeling: Demonstrate the ability to capture user requirements and transition them into a model that both represents desired use cases and supports analytic queries. 
  • Query Generation: Create cypher queries that explore data, surface insights, and generate reports. Understand how to return both query records and data objects.  
  • Software Development: Using Python, implement graph queries, ETL and other graph operations to develop the project requirements. You should be familiar with Cookiecutter templates which implement Python project best practices. 
  • Data Visualization: Be familiar with various graph and data visualization tools. Experience with Bloom, and NeoDash are desirable. Hume, YWorks, D3.js, or other tools would also be beneficial. 
  • Data Engineering and ETL Processes: Developing and maintaining robust data pipelines for the efficient and accurate transfer and transformation of data into the graph database, ensuring data quality and accessibility.
  • Orchestrations: Creating and managing automated workflows that facilitate seamless data ingestion, processing, and distribution across the system, enhancing the efficiency of graph database operations. 
  • Graph Database Deployment: Overseeing the setup and deployment of graph databases, including configuration, optimization for performance, and scaling to meet project demands. 
  • Monitoring and Backups: Implementing monitoring systems to continuously assess the health and performance of the graph databases and establishing backup procedures to ensure data integrity and recoverability in case of failures. 
  • Microservice Integration: Collaborating with software engineering teams to integrate graph databases with microservices, ensuring smooth data exchange and operational synergy between different system components. 
  • Cypher Query Tuning: Optimizing Cypher queries for better efficiency and performance, refining query structures to reduce execution times and resource consumption. Partner with graph engineers to ensure graph schema are optimized. 
  • Performance Tuning: Regularly monitor system performance and make adjustments to the graph database configurations, indexing strategies, and resource allocations to maintain optimal system responsiveness and throughput. 
  • Database Sizing: Estimating and adjusting the size and resources of the graph database based on the volume of data and complexity of queries, ensuring the system is well-equipped to handle current and future data needs. 
  • Collaboration with Teams: Working closely with graph engineers, GenAI engineers, and software engineers to leverage the capabilities of graph databases fully, contributing to the development and implementation of innovative solutions that meet the project’s objectives. 
Experience and Skills Requirements

Language Skills 

  • English- Native/fluent desired, upper-intermediate acceptable. 

 Technical Skills 

  • Database
    • Neo4j database certification is expected. Other Neo4j certifications desirable:
      • Graph Data Modeling 
      • Applications with Python 
      • LLM Fundamentals
    • Familiarity with other graph databases (Neptune, Memgraph, TigerGraph) is beneficial, but not required.
    • Experience with other tabular (PostgreSQL), columnar (Iceberg), and NoSQL data persistence technologies 
    • Other valuable experience would include: Kuzu, PuppyGraph, DuckDB, Apache AGE 
  • Graph VisualizationNeo4j Bloom, NeoDash,  Hume, Linkurious, D3.js 
  • Deployment
    • Docker, Docker Swarm 
    • Building/running systems on Kubernetes
    • FastAPI 
  • Cloud Engineering
    • AWS Primarily 
    • Should be familiar with Azure and GCP 
    • Core services: IAM, EC2, S3, EKS, ECS, ECR, Fargate
  • Development languages / frameworks 
    • Software engineering experience
    • Python, other languages helpful (Java) 
  • Software Development Life Cycle
    • Planning, Requirements, Design, Development, Testing
    • Linting, Cookiecutter templating
    • Git 
  • DevOps – GitLab 
  • Project Management – Agile using Jira or tools like Linear 
  • Familiarity with infrastructure as code – Terraform, Ansible 
  • ETL frameworks desirable – Airflow, Prefect, Dagster, Airbyte 
  • GenAI Familiarity desirable
    • Local development using Ollama 
    • LangChain, LangGraph, LangServe, LangSmith
    • Azure OpenAI 
    • AWS Bedrock 

Soft Skills 

  • Clear, concise, proactive and effective communication 
  • Polite and professional 
  • Lead projects and clients toward the best technical outcome 
  • Share our experience from other clients and guide toward the best solution 
Graphable Core Values
  • Excellent - Set a higher standard and continuously refine.
  • Focused - Ensure everything we do contributes to company goals.
  • Quietly Confident - Demonstrate confidence. Be right, be quiet about it, march on.
  • Always Learning - Seek and thrive on feedback. Failure is an opportunity. Deepen current expertise. Gain new expertise.
  • Team Focused - Be considerate, ethical, hard-working, value diverse perspectives. Care personally. Challenge directly.®
Role Metrics

Primary Metrics

  • 40+ hours per week of logged time (billable, non-billable, and OOO time)
  • 32+ hours per week of billable time
  • Complete 100% of chosen/assigned quarterly rocks (rocks concept from book Traction)

Benefits subject to change, but include:

  • Remote work
  • 100% covered health, vision, dental benefits
  • Unlimited, flexible PTO
  • 9 paid company days off
  • 401k plan
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  5. Prior employment and any other required verification check(s).
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