Director of Marketing

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About Graphable
At Graphable, we hire really great people who are driven to pursue excellence and wired to delight customers. Our team welcomes newcomers, values diverse backgrounds and perspectives, respects each other, and has fun while building our fast-growing company together. If this sounds like the place for you, check out our openings below and apply today!
What is it like to work at Graphable?

We are relentlessly pursuing the goal of creating vibrant, healthy and rewarding culture here at Graphable, all in the context of a 100% remote work environment. Because we don’t have the chance to interact around a traditional office, we work hard to create opportunities to grow our relationships and cohesiveness as a team through various means, including regular virtual “pubs” where we all get together at the end of a workday and shoot the breeze over a beer or your beverage of choice, as well as other forums such as our annual in-person team get-togethers.

To guide the unusually fast growth of our company, we are all committed to our well-documented and regularly shared purpose statement which is:

Delight our clients through unusual excellence.

  • (60%) [TOP PRIORITY] Fill top of funnel with qualified leads (including top of funnel check-ins/hackathons)
  • (15%) SEO Focus/Content management (identify and manage content sources such as consultants, webinars etc, stewarding/scheduling and publishing content)
  • (10%) Marketing partner management
  • (10%) Field marketing efforts (e.g. partner marketing activities, events etc)
  • (5%) Develop, maintain and evolve annual marketing plan based on ROI
Experience and Skills Requirements

Required Skills of Skill Equivalents

  • Domo (L1 certification required after joining)
  • General tools: Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ZoomInfo, LinkedIn, MSOffice
  • Social media: Hootsuite, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook
  • Ad tools: Google Adwords, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Youtube Ads, Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads
  • Measurement tools: Domo, Google Analytics

Required Soft Skills 

  • Intuit and navigate context/relationship nuances and sensitivities internally and with partners and customers
  • Identify the optimal set of activities in this context to deliver on metrics
  • Aggressively qualify leads to optimize time
  • Proactively navigate/answer obvious and hidden objections to overcome as early as possible in sales cycles
  • Self-starting, organized, and capable of driving forward even in lean times

Responsibilities in the Context of Graphable Company Values


  • Keeping CRM leads 100% up-to-date every day (X minutes a day to update)
  • Keeping pipe stocked with leads and MQLs to meet targets
  • Highly responsive both internally and externally (slack, email, phone)
  • Accessible/available during key business hours
  • Go above and beyond internally and externally
  • Everything we do connects to and supports our goals


  • Blocks time for deep work/prospecting and other key work categories
  • Does not lose focus on certain marketing activities at the expense of others

Quietly Confident:

  • Clear, confident but respectful/humble communicator
  • Illustrate confidence, be right, be quiet about it, march on

Always Learning:

  • Seek and thrive on feedback
  • Always improving knowledge around marketing success
  • Always learning more about the technology and capabilities Graphable sells and delivers
  • Always learning how to become more and more independent in this environment

Team Focused:

  • Markets only that which we can deliver (through teaming/collaboration with tech resources)
  • Utilizes internal and partner resources sparingly/judiciously
  • Considerate, ethical, hard-working
  • Strive to act for the greater good of the team
Graphable Core Values
  • Excellent - Set a higher standard and continuously refine.
  • Focused - Ensure everything we do contributes to company goals.
  • Quietly Confident - Demonstrate confidence. Be right, be quiet about it, march on.
  • Always Learning - Seek and thrive on feedback. Failure is an opportunity. Deepen current expertise. Gain new expertise.
  • Team Focused - Be considerate, ethical, hard-working, value diverse perspectives. Care personally. Challenge directly.®
Role Metrics
  • Minimum 40+ hours per week of logged time (various marketing activities, OOO time etc)
  • Meet or exceed marketing growth targets
  • Meet or exceed quarterly and annual lead gen targets as assigned (e.g. lead targets, content release targets)
  • Meet or exceed marketing lead quality targets (as ranked by sales)
  • Complete any assigned MBOs (including field/partner marketing targets)
  • Complete 100% of chosen/assigned quarterly rocks

Benefits subject to change, but include:

  • Remote work
  • 100% covered health, vision, dental benefits
  • Unlimited, flexible PTO
  • 9 paid company days off
  • 401k plan
How to apply
  1. Apply and upload your resume in the form to the right
  2. Application is reviewed
  3. Interview with a hiring manager
  4. Interview with the team (you'll get a sense of who you'd be working with).
  5. Prior employment and any other required verification check(s).
  6. Offer

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