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Neo4j GraphSummit 2022

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GraphSummit 2022 was full of invaluable information! We got world-class graph education and thought-provoking collaboration opportunities — all at no cost.

For beginners and advanced data scientists alike, this is your chance to gain valuable insight into one of the most powerful technologies of the century. To discover the latest tech advancements of the Neo4j ecosystem learn more about the next GraphSummit.

Featured Speakers

Headshot of data engineering conference speaker

David Hughs

Principal Graph Consultant
David Hughes has ten years of experience designing and building graph solutions to surface novel insights that would remain dormant in other data structures. His background includes software development, cloud architecture, medical research, and clinical practice.

David has worked in healthcare and biotech within the intensive care, interventional radiology, oncology, cardiology, and proteomics domains. When he’s not helping our clients uncover data epiphanies from complex data, he enjoys endurance running, hiking and spending time with his family outdoors.

David presented on Rapid App Prototyping Using Streamlit and Neo4j at GraphSummit 2022.

Headshot of Data Day Texas conference speaker

Sean Robinson

Lead Data Scientist
Sean Robinson is a versatile data scientist with several years of experience optimizing data processes and building intelligent data systems. Specifically, he specializes in using graph data science and Neo4j to abstract complex systems within a domain into a highly dimensional, interconnected knowledge graph. Sean currently serves as lead data scientist at Graphable. He also teaches new network science courses at University of North Carolina for Charlotte's data science graduate program.

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