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Domo, Inc
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About Domo

Domo is the leading data apps, analytics / business intelligence company, headquartered in American Fork, Utah. Most well-known for its slogan, Data apps to help your business get work done, it is simply the best business-user focused platform available today, driving user adoption levels far beyond what organizations are accustomed to. Domo analytics maintains a laser focus for the company and its employees (affectionately referred to internally as "Domosapiens") on making the Domo platform reliable, ultra fast, easily usable on any device and by all users-- including CXO users-- all of which drives the significantly above average user adoption.

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What does domo mean?

Domo (どうも  / pronounced “Dou-mo”) is a Japanese word. The question of what is domo in Japanese does depend on context though. Domo in english means "very", and is commonly used in Japanese in the phrase "Domo arigato" to say thank you. Domo is even commonly used by itself for thank you. However another common domo definition or domo translation can be "hello" (and "bye").