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[Press Release] Graphable Announces GraphAware Hume Platform R&D Center

Check out the guest blog post on regarding this important Hume announcement:…

Knowledge Graphs for Recommendation Engines and the Hume platform

Our previous blog article highlighted the critical advantages of knowledge graphs. Being flexible by nature, they easily relate connected…

Neo4j Video Interview with Graphable CEO Kyle McNamara

In this recording, Neo4j interviews Kyle McNamara (former CEO of GraphAware Americas, now Graphable CEO), software industry veteran, co…

Powering Businesses with Knowledge Graphs

What is a Knowledge Graph? For a more tangible example, we can look at a local business and how we

Graphs for Contact Tracing

Whether it’s COVID-19 or a future pandemic, contact tracing is a critical feature of slowing and stopping infectious diseases from

Aigora Podcast Interview with Graphable CEO Kyle McNamara

Aigora ( is a Graphable partner with deep data science expertise, and a specific focus on the sensory and consumer