Domopalooza Expert Guide for the Passionate BI Leader

By Phil LaCorte / VP of Operations

January 19, 2023


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What is Domopalooza and should you attend it? The always-fun and helpful event is Domo’s annual user conference. Whether you are a leader considering acquiring the Domo platform for your organization or business, or if you may have already purchased the Domo platform and want to maximize your investment – the conference is always a can’t-miss event for you and your team.

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What is Domopalooza (DP)?

DP is the foremost annual Domo conference emphasizing the value of the Domo platform and charting the direction that the Domo leadership team will be taking the platform in the next twelve months.

What is the Domopalooza cost? With COVID, by necessity, it became a free online event which may or may not change in the future, but having these be online for the last couple of years has still proven to be very valuable while enabling more people to attend as well.

This Domo user conference event highlights Domo’s award-winning analytics platform that showcases best practices as well as uniquely valuable implementations of the product. It features executive roundtables, discussing the demonstrated impact and value of Domo’s unique offerings. It also features tech expert sessions, best practice sessions as well as hands-on training. Importantly, it is the time when Domo typically unveils the product roadmap for customers, with product demonstrations showing what is to come. Domopalooza 2023 promises to offer this same rich lineup of sessions and a wealth of new speakers.

Last Year’s Event – a Look Back

Last year, Domopalooza 2022 demonstrated Domo’s continued journey from dashboards into data applications. It also showcased exciting new features like workflows, DDX Bricks, and Microsoft Add-Ins for Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Teams integration as well as lots on governance and related topics. The conference included virtual breakout sessions focusing on specific features and various implementations of the Domo platform.

As a premier Domo partner, Graphable led several DP breakout sessions. In particular, Graphable’s Senior Analytics Consultant, Sarah Evans, demonstrated a Domo implementation example showing the core features of Domo in collaboration with one of Graphable’s clients. She also presented the flexibility and power of the Domo platform as a map-based application. These sessions were extremely well received by conference viewers and remain very relevant as helpful content.

Attend roundtables and presentations for much more on Domo at DP free online veent
Looking Forward to This Year’s Event

Visit our dedicated Domopalooza 2023 page for more detail, but for those wondering when is Domopalooza 2023 event, it is scheduled for March 29th. It will again highlight new platform features and cast a vision for the future of the platform. Look for sessions like this collaborative discussion featuring Sony and Domo highlighting the power of Domo Everywhere. Also expect presentations highlighting Domo Variables, as well as Domo Everywhere (a.k.a. Domo embed) enhancements.

Graphable – a Highly Skilled Implementer of the Domo Platform

Graphable is an industry leader in analytics and the Domo platform. We are also experts at implementing graph database applications, including Neo4j and the GraphAware Hume platform. We have also seen significant value develop by overlaying the Domo platform on graph database applications (What is a Graph Database?). Graphable is also the author of a Domo custom connector for Neo4j (What is Neo4j?) and Azure ComsoDB databases, both published in the Domo Appstore.

Graphable has been a Domo partner since 2018, and with more than 300 hundred successful implementations, we have a proven track record of reselling and implementing the Domo platform across industries. Check out our various top Domo partner awards including Domo MVP and Domo’s Most Influential Partner.

We’ll See you There!

The Graphable team is anticipating great things at Domopalooza 2023 – we look forward to it with you! If you have any questions regarding Graphable’s products or services, contact us to schedule a meeting with our experts.

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Graphable delivers insightful graph database (e.g. Neo4j consulting) / machine learning (ml) / natural language processing (nlp) projects as well as graph and Domo consulting for BI/analytics, with measurable impact. We are known for operating ethically, communicating well, and delivering on-time. With hundreds of successful projects across most industries, we thrive in the most challenging data integration and data science contexts, driving analytics success.

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We are known for operating ethically, communicating well, and delivering on-time. With hundreds of successful projects across most industries, we thrive in the most challenging data integration and data science contexts, driving analytics success.
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