The Domo Platform- Value in Adoption (Top 5 Capabilities)

By Kyle McNamara / CEO

November 24, 2021


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When it comes to analytics/BI platforms, there are plenty of options, but not a lot of good ones. Enter the Domo Platform. Anyone who has ever had to choose and then roll out a BI platform knows how complex it can be, and then how difficult it is to drive broad user adoption.

The Domo Platform Is Unique (Top 5 Value Drivers)

Domo saw the gap in user adoption in the analytics market- driven by historic software complexity, persistent performance issues and lack of alignment with the business, and for the past decade+ they have been creating the most complete, performant and modern BI platform available today. The top 5 value drivers of this Domo platform are:

  1. Domo is blazingly fast and responsive – Unlike what the BI market has conditioned users to over the past couple of decades (waiting interminably for simple reports to run), when Domo users ask a question they get an answer- right away. That is probably the single most critical driver of adoption across an organization.
  2. Domo is specifically built for business users – Domo has kept a maniacal focus on creating a platform not just for IT as in the past, but one that prioritzes the business user- who after all is the point of the BI market to begin with.
  3. Domo is adopted at much higher rates and more broadly than any other platform – There are many reasons for this. The first two value drivers mentioned above are signficiant contributors to that adoption. But Domo has taken that same focus of lowering barriers to entry and applied it to every aspect of the platform, including even the more technical capabilities around connecting to data, data prep and scalability.
  4. Domo is a complete, modern, cloud-native platform (not just an old stack or desktop tool stuck in the cloud) – As described in more detail below, the platform itself is a single, seamless user experience even in the more technical aspects of the platform. Unlike what so many of us have had to endure with so-called “integrated” platforms (including the old stack vendors as well as the newer desktop-origen visualization tools), Domo really is a single, cohesive platform- not integrated, but rather one thing, right from the beginning. The positive impact this has to the user experience and adoption cannot be under-estimated.
  5. Domo still has by far the best mobile BI experience (Apple iOS & Android) – Right form the beginning Domo saw the need to provide business users, but especially managers and executives, an enjoyable, impeccable mobile user experience. Whereas even today mobile continues to be a well-advertised afterthought for other analytics/BI vendors, Domo has a decade or more of investment in making mobile central to the user experience.
Domo Platform - Mobile
Special Mention: Domo Auto-aggregates Data, On-the-fly

In the not-so-old days, and even in most cases today, other BI tools need for IT to pre-aggregate data in order to experience anything approaching acceptable performance. They need for IT to specify drill paths for users ahead of time. They need for IT to add more and more expensive hardware to try to avoid the adoption-killing performance issues and the classic “spinning beach ball” that drives users crazy. None of this has worked because business users simply will not be constrained by pre-aggregated data and pre-defined drill paths, nor by terrible performance and waiting for answers, meaning they will exit those tools and use Excel.

The Domo platform’s elastically scaling data infrastructure means that in most cases businesses can store data even at the transactional level which leaves users unfettered to ask and answer questions at will, with Domo auto-aggregating the transactional data up to the level of the question being asked (e.g. sales by day vs sales by year), without having to go back to IT to ask for a different aggregation every time they change their mind, as is required of them in an rapidly evolving business landscape.

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60+ Key Domo Capabilities

The Domo platform has all the advanced capabilities required for even the largest Enterprises, but is well-packaged for small and medium businesses as well. Whether it be granular and comprehensive security, mature governance, massive scalability, Domo has created the most comprehensive and usable platform available today. Check out these 60+ capabilities that illustrate the completeness of the platform. With the unusually high level of interest in Embedded Analytics today, it’s also worth specifically calling out Domo Everywhere (which is the Domo embedded analytics solution, a.k.a Domo embed). This is an industry-leading, but easy-to-use set of capabilities for using your analytics content wherever it is required.


There is a sea of analytics/BI tools and even just pure visualization options out there today, with a crowded market that has been developing for more than two decades. The lived reality for business and IT users in this space is absolutely abysmal, as underscored by well-known analyst Gartner’s now-famous statistic that between 70 and 80% of all BI projects fail. The Domo platform shatters this norm, with widespread adoption, happy business users and even happier IT organizations whose workload is radically reduced with true governed self-service, dissatisfied users and complaints evaporate. Have you been wondering about Domo pricing? We have all the details.

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We are known for operating ethically, communicating well, and delivering on-time. With hundreds of successful projects across most industries, we thrive in the most challenging data integration and data science contexts, driving analytics success.
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